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Project Partners

ttg team training GmbH (Germany)

Annerose Walter
Holzmarkt 7
72070 Tübingen
Phone: 0049 7071 51396


ttg team training GmbH (ttg) offers, vocational training, job services, consulting and coaching for different target groups and general further education as well as intercultural training courses. Participants include men and women, job seekers, migrants, founders of new businesses and many more. Trainers, consultants and employees of other adult education providers also participate in activities and projects carried out by ttg. In addition, ttg has been carrying out cooperative projects on a local, national and international level as well.
Since our foundation we have been providing language and vocational training courses for male and female migrants. Having worked in these course offers our staff have gained experience and knowledge in the field of specific training and integration offers for people with migration background. We know the target group’s needs and can address their questions and problems in a target-oriented way.

Initial.e.V. (Germany)

Nevenka Miljkovic
Augartenstr. 1
76137 Karlsruhe
Phone: 0049 721 933690


Groupe ITG (France)

Cédric Guillon
36, bd du Temple
75011 Paris
Phone: 0033 675514598


The Institute was created in 1996 to receive its first consultants. Gradually, new entities were created to address the need to accommodate by business consultants. 

Recently, the ITG Group designs and develops new services, including freelance:

  • Assignements for consultants 
  • Business services in the field of Human Resources. 

ITG is the No. 1 group of freelance in France. 
Existing today throughout the French territory with more than 2500 consultants, the Group ITG since 1996 acknowledged expert in all areas of consulting, study and training. It has developed, for its consultants ITG tailor-made services such as expertise and experience in the field of training, lifelong learning and management within France, Europe and at international level.

ITG is working with big companies in France providing, coaching, teaching and services to the challenging world in order to improve the quality of qualification at European Level.

The strength of the company relies on a freelance computer performance, the ability to create and to support networks and relationships with key players in the social world, consulting and human resources.

ITG has employed 2800 coaches, workers and trainers in 2010 a turnover of 60 million euros. Each year, the group recruited more than 700 new candidates in transition are offered the following tools: 

  • Board orientation and positioning 
  • Training in exploration missions 
  • Training in the conduct of a consulting project or expertise
  • Strengthening the ability to contact and negotiation
  • Personalizedaccompaniment.

Coopérative Sud Concept (France)

Béatrice Martins
Avenue Maréchal Lyautey-Immeuble Lyautey
20090 Ajaccio
Phone: 0033 495 10 64 04


For many years, the Sud Concept co-op company has been providing training, social & professional insertion. On behalf of State, communities, associations or companies, Sud Concept works on everybody’s (initial) training and learning. The co-op company also provides information, guidance, evaluation and assessment measures.

Because of the target group diversity, Sud Concept has developed a multidisciplinary team:

  • trainers (language training, integration, service, health / social, tourism, business project leaders, psychologists ...)
  • rehabilitation professionals,..
  • project manager in business development, creative consultant ...
Sud Concept’s advisors who host and accompany business founders are professionals regularly trained. They assist business founders from the project emergence to the company monitoring.

eu warehouse (Belgium)

Kerstin Weertz
Kerckxstraat 7
B-1050 Brussel/Elsene
Phone: 0032 2 6442803
Fax: 0032 2 649 89 66


The Belgium partner EU WAREHOUSE deals -among other- with educational and vocational training issues on European level and provides information, counseling and training with regards to EU policies and EU strategy management. EU WAREHOUSE has in-depth knowledge of EU financial instruments, EU projects, the development of EU networks and training of management personnel, social and youth workers, know-how management; transfer and distribution of best practice and the dissemination of results.

EU WAREHOUSE will provide the following aspects within the runtime of the project:

  • support the identification and provision of EU best practice in vocational training and migration issues, pointing out and elaborate on the up-to date development in the field of EU policies with regards to vocational training and migration policy and ensure a continuous securing of European added value in the project;
  • development of strategic tools, mainstreaming for transnational coaching within EU context of marginalized target groups, trends for the social sector: influencing factors and trend projection;
  • linking European and national vocational issues and support the distribution of project achievements.

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REKVAL, s.r.o.
(Czech Republic)

Jarmila Kolatová
28. ríjna 150/2663
70200 Ostrava
Phone: 00420 597577750


REKVAL company provides customers with services aimed at increasing the professional and personal development through education and counseling. It offers services in the field of: preparation and implementation of training programs for selected target groups; implementation of accredited training programs for public administration workers, teachers and social sphere; counseling in the form of balance diagnostics; guidance in analyzing and developing educational needs, etc.

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Ekpospo NOSTOS (Greece)

Dimitrios Christoforidis
Metsovou 30 & Notara 45
10683 Athens
Phone: 0030 210 5231966


“Nostos” Organization for Social Integration is a Greek NGO aiming at alleviating the effects of social exclusion and unemployment felt by several socially vulnerable groups. The target is to incorporate those facing difficulties into the social web and the labour market. This is achieved by the provision of a multiplicity of services and activities of social and educational character. An integral part of our operations is the preparation and conducting of studies and research, which often result in innovative tools and are regularly disseminated to the general public.

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